Friday, December 15, 2017

Give the gift of Music this Christmas!

Well we decided doing two catalogue sales at once this year just wasn't enough - so we are also launching another!
Some great gift ideas for Guitarists

Welcome to the Music Spot Christmas Catalogue! We have great deals across all departments to ensure you can find exactly what you need, no matter who you are buying for.

..and some great gift ideas for Drummers too!

If you are looking for something special for someone who has always been interested in playing Guitar, you can't go past the Fender Squier Packs - everything you need to start playing, in one box. Or if you already have a guitarist in your family, you can always top up the stockings with strings, collector's picks, care accessories - you name it, we have it!

And drummers don't miss out either - lots of colourful percussion options as well as kits to suit any budget, including electronic kits so you don't annoy the neighbours!

 - and everyone else in your family!

If you're a ukulele-sing-along-around-the-bbq type of family, we've got you covered with the gorgeous Mahalo patterned Ukes, Smiley Art Series ukes or the solid dependable R series. And we have Harmonicas, care products, mics, tuners, headphones - gifts for everyone you know :)

We have only NINE DAYS till Christmas! And we are making it easy for you by being open EVERY DAY till then - 9am to 5:30pm weekdays, 9am to 4pm Saturdays and 10am to 3pm Sundays - so you have no excuse to not have everything covered in time! Come down to 129 Browns Plains Rd, Browns Plains to check out our great range, or call us on 07 3800 5229 or text 0411 088 440 to check that your favourite item is still here - they are flying off the shelves these days. See you soon!

Friday, December 8, 2017

All I Want For Christmas Is..

We are really getting into the Christmas Spirit here at The Music Spot! Might have something to do with all this tinsel.. or it could be all the excited faces coming in and getting things they know their loved ones will enjoy unwrapping on the big day. We know of LOTS of families that are going to have a very exciting Christmas! So what have you got planned for yours?
We are brimming with gift ideas for all budgets!
I thought I'd ask the Team what they would personally want for Christmas, you know, in case Santa reads my blog.

It was perhaps no surprise that Dave, guitar extraordinaire and now amazingly talented drummer, went straight to the drum department. He alighted on this gorgeous acrylic snare from the DW Performance Series.
Quality clear as a bell
I asked him why. He looked at me like I was crazy; isn't it obvious? Apart from the amazing sound, this snare is a brilliant alternative to the standard timbers, in seamless acrylic. You have to look good while you sound good, right?

Next up was Johnny. He's a guitarist at heart, so he headed for this Ibanez Jem77 - of course. 
Johnny's found his perfect present
Why does he loves this? It's a limited edition Steve Vai signature model, there's not many of these in the country. And we all know Johnny loves being special ;) Plus the Dimarzio Dark Matter II Humbuckers make for an amazing sound. 

Even our office assistant Tamara got in on this. She's a brass player, but she's always wanted a flute - and went straight for the Yamaha 212
Tamara wants a flute for Christmas
Why, we asked? Because it's the best, of course - if you're going to get me a present, I want the best! 
Can't argue with logic like that ;) Tamara's been playing Yamaha instruments since she was four years old, so she know's she's going to get quality, with a great sound, and easy playability. Something to treasure for a long time to come.

Have you found your loved one's perfect Christmas gift yet? If not, there's still time! Come into our Browns Plains superstore and let us help you create the perfect Christmas this year! We are open every day from now till Christmas!

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Sounds of Summer Are Here!

Summer is finally here! And to celebrate, we are having an awesome Sounds Of Summer Catalogue Sale. You can check out all the great deals here!

With great brands on board like Fender, Yamaha, PDP, Ibanez, Maton, and Tanglewood, you are sure to find something you like!

Lots of quality Acoustic and Electric Guitars at great prices..

And ukuleles - perfect for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, there are lots of stocking stuffers here!

And gift ideas for everyone, no matter what their interest..

..or even just something for yourself ;)

Imagine what you could make with these babies!

This catalogue has something for everyone, so if you haven't got your copy in the mailbox, come instore and grab one, so check out the website for these great deals today!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Living Music Catalgoue Sale in Full Swing

It's getting into the exciting time of year again, and the Living Music Catalogue Sale is definitely helping that feeling along!
Chris knows where the fun is!
If you haven't got your copy yet, come and grab one instore. There are heaps of goodies on sale, but they won't last forever! Here is a snippet of what we have left instore:

Living Music Sale Items we have left instore - better be quick! Call us on 07 3800 5229 to see if your favourite is still here

If you see anything you like, or you would like to know what else we have available, check out our website for the full catalogue. Or of course, come on down to our superstore at 129 Browns Plains Rd, Browns Plains!

Sean is excited!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Music Industry EXPOSED - Secrets From An Insider!

We have the great privileged to be able to pick the brains of someone who has reached dizzying heights of success in the music industry, has come back "down" to earth, and has lived to tell the tale. And no, this is not an episode of Celebrity Rehab!

Dave onstage with Alibrandi

Do you have dreams of becoming a rock star? A pop star? A hip hop mogul? Or do you have a son or daughter begging for their first guitar so they can be the next Taylor Swift or Imagine Dragons?

Don't be afraid of your dreams. Every successful person in any industry began as a child with a dream. And the music industry is not all sex & drugs & rock n' roll - your life can be greatly enhanced simply by having a guitar on hand and the skill to play it, at your next family BBQ.

Let's see what difference musical ability has made to Dave's life:

I think being/feeling successful in playing music is all about the little goals you set for yourself. 

Quietly I wanted to write some songs that would take off and would fantasise about playing those songs in front of lots of people. I am blessed to have be able to have done that. 

Little goals like:
Recording in a professional studio - check
Printing our first run of t-shirts and merch - check 
Releasing the recordings on iTunes (before there was Spotify ) - check
Flying to the states to play show case shows in front of industry label types - check.

Playing 100 shows in one year to basically no one just to get tight as a band performance wise. I have spent thousands of dollars on gear, flights, merch rehearsal room costs parking and fuel.

I'm happy with what i achieved, and continue to achieve as a musician. It's ALL about expressing yourself. NOT about whether it's able to be marketed, sold or recouped. If you love what you play, work hard and strive to write something original then you've already WON. If other people like it or buy it then that's a bonus. Not the purpose.

Music to me is a family legacy. I am playing my part in something that will continue through the generations. Family gatherings always end up being musical, singing playing and laughing. Those are some of the fondest memories I have. 

If one thing inspires me continually it's to make those childhood memories a reality in my son's life. That what passion feels like. Connecting through music has concreted some of the best long standing friendships I have ever had.  

If I had any regrets it's that i wish i started playing earlier. But that's only selfishly to be further ahead in my ability. 

Being a musician has made me broke, but I am not complete without it. I'd be a frustrated, lost, lonely person without being artistically creative. My medium is sound. 

Dave's other side - the friendly face of The Music Spot
Dave is now a contented family man, whom you can also find assisting other people to further their own dreams at The Music Spot. If you have a dream - don't let anyone or anything stand in your way. Come down and have a chat to Dave, and if you're lucky, you might even get to hear some of his magic on the guitar!

Friday, November 3, 2017

What's your favourite band?

Today is Aussie Band Shirt Day, and the Spot Boys got the memo:
Phil, Chris & Johnny and their favourite bands
Well, half of the memo. Not all of them are Aussie bands, but they've all toured here, so maybe we can say they're honourary Aussie bands?

Guitar News

This week the buzz is around Fender Amps, and we have quite a selection.
No Johnny, Candy Apple is the colour, not the flavour..
These three are Limited Edition (just like Johnny!) - and we only have one of each (again, including Johnny - some may say that's a good thing!). They are the Blues Junior (the one Johnny was trying to eat), the 65 Princeton Navy Blue and the 65 Deluxe Navy Blue. We have great prices going on each so I'd advise you to come down and check them out.

Drum News

Have you seen this? 
Chris making magic
The DTX Multi 12 Percussion Pad - you can make magic with this thing. It's a great addition to any acoustic kit, opening up a whole new world of sounds to play with. It has heaps of cool sounds included, and the capability to store your own samples. Everything you could want!

Pro Audio News

Fender In Ear Monitors are Phil's new jam:
Phil is all ears..
I get the feeling he was one of those kids who would start playing with his Christmas presents before he actually took them out of the box. And I can kind of understand with these things, they are pretty exciting: imagine having your entire band sound clearly in your head with no interference. You can stay on top of exactly what's going on with your sound without having to stand in front of a box in one place. Never miss a beat again! 
We have the DXA1 and the FXA2, covering everything from the garage band or weekend warrior, all the way up to the seasoned musician.  And don't worry, they don't make you look like Phil!

Keyboard News

Casio make keyboards! Lots of em!
Johnny is feeling a little overwhelmed..
And we can help you with all your keyboard needs with our great range. We've got everything from the keylighting models such as the LKs up to the WK240, with over 600 different tones. This means you can get your kids in on their first keyboard easily and they can grow with us, as their talents increase and the music they make starts to pop! Imagine what you could do with one of these babies!

Folk News

Banjos! Chris digs em..
Chris putting on his Lil Abner face
This Tanglewood will get Daisy Mae dancing, and all the rest of Dogpatch as well! It comes with Tanglewood's great 5 year warranty, and has amazing tone and easy playability. Plus the natural gloss timber tone is absolutely gorgeous. If you demand satisfaction, come on down for a duel!

Band & Orchestral News

Jupiter Saxophones are a fave for school students and experienced players alike.
Phil trying to channel his inner Kenny G, but needless to say his sax playing blows..
Like this nice Alto, a 500 series that delivers exceptional tone for it's price point. But if you are like Phil and want a nice deep Tenor, give the 500 series a go there too - this series redefines the entry level student instrument. Just because you don't want to spend the big bucks doesn't mean you don't want the big sound!

SaturdayImpactDay has rolled around again

And we once again have the chance to make huge, meaningful impacts on people's lives.
SaturdayImpactDay - the first Saturday of every month
 Tomorrow, being the first Saturday of the month, for every customer we serve we will be supplying a whole week's worth of clean water to a family in Cambodia. If you want to be a part of this awesome event, simply come down to the shop - it doesn't matter if you buy a pick or a Maton. Just being a part of the #MusicSpotFamily is enough!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Do You Live Music?

Living Music! That's what we do, and that's what we love to help our #MusicSpotFamily do as well. So it seems appropriate that this years's Christmas Catalogue is called Living Music - and it comes out in just a few days!
Living Music Catalogue - Sale Starts November 1st
Keep an eye on your mailbox, check out our sale items on our website or come and grab a copy instore - and pick up a few bargains while you're at it. Christmas is fast approaching and we are preparing with all kinds of goodies for all kinds of people - whether you have a famous rock star in the family or Little Johnny is just about to pick up his first Valencia - The Music Spot will have great gift ideas for you!

Guitar News

Vox Amplifiers are awesome. Just ask Johnny.
That was my reaction too, Johnny!
As you can see, he's especially enamoured of the Pathfinder Union Jack. It has an eye-catching classic look. 10-watt combo, includes a basket-weave, leather-look, a worn Union Jack grill cloth, and, of course, chicken head knobs. Small but all-important details such as the white piping have also been faithfully reproduced, perfectly recapturing the legendary look of VOX. The all-analog, solid-state design is responsive and chimey, just like a VOX should be. As Johnny says, the only thing more British is a cup of tea on a rainy day!

Drum News

Phil, meet Tom
If you're after a cool, classy addition to your kit, there's clearly only one choice: this gorgeous, shiny piccolo tom from DW.

Piccolo toms are the perfect way to enhance your kit. Inspired by legendary drummer Terry Bozzio, DW Design Series piccolo toms have a 2.5"-deep steel shell with DW mini lugs and heavy-duty TB12 mounting bracket. 

This tom is 10-inch in diameter and has a chrome-plated finish that looks amazing under stage lights. 

So if you wanna look as cool as Phil, you'd better come and get one of these while you can!

Pro Audio News

Wireless technology is obviously the way of the future, and makes life so much easier. Especially if your guitarist keeps tripping over his own cables.
Sean knows what keeps your live act pumping
Enter Line 6. Their Relay® G70 features the most advanced digital wireless technology in the industry. It sets the standard for simplicity, reliability and performance. 

Featuring uncompromised sound quality, rugged reliability and an easy-to-use design, the G70 digital wireless system will keep your guitar act moving along nicely, with pure guitar tone from the industry-leading audio specs and the lowest latency of any digital wireless system. You can connect with any standard 1/4" guitar cables required.

Get your Slash on with this baby and watch your gigs come alive!

The Music Spot Family

The future looks bright, and we love having you guys along for the ride. We have been the local Musical Instrument Specialists for over 24 years now, and the relationships we have established with our customers are now spanning generations. We encourage you to contact us in any way at any time you want advice, info or just a chat - we are here to help you achieve your dreams! Be a part of the #MusicSpotFamily!