Friday, April 20, 2018

Brass On The Battlefield

It's a sombre feel this week, as we approach our annual holiday for ANZAC Day.

Next Wednesday we will be closed for ANZAC Day, but we will be back on Thursday 26th April at 9am. Go to a March, play two-up and have a drink for those who have been affected by war.


With this being the mood, it might be a good time to look into the importance that Music played during times of war.

We are all familiar with the Hits Of The War Years music that we see advertised on TV, played at RSLs and nursing homes country wide, and the memories that these songs can evoke in people who lived through that time. Music as a morale booster is well known, and sending entertainment to the troops to keep their spirits up was a very important part of any country's strategy.

We also are familiar with the bugle call that makes us all stand and salute at ANZAC Day services every year. But maybe we do not understand the value placed on music by the armed forces. The official army band, employed by the armed forces, was relied upon to galvanise troops before battle, provide entertainment in downtime, and solemnise occasions such as burials.

They originally also carried out such front line duties as stretcher carriers, but High Command was concerned about the danger of such duties, and so directed them to focus solely on playing music for the troops.

If music can help people through times of war, imagine the value it can add to your life in times of peace.


Let's lighten our mood a little by looking at this week's Favourite Items, our collection of Squier Electric Guitars.

Squier is the "little brother" of Fender, so you get great Fender quality control, for a more affordable price - perfect for beginners, or people wanting a nice guitar on a lower budget.

For example, front and centre here we can see the Squier Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster, in gorgeous Antigua Burst. This will not only get your noticed, but produce a wonderful rumbling baritone sound. Tuned A to A and at a 30" scale - that of a short-scale bass.

If looks are important to you, and you like the classic shape of a Strat in a contemporary style, you can't go past this amazing Metallic Ocean Blue Squier Strat. HSS configurations, a colour you can get lost in, and a brilliant sound. Everything you need without the price tag really!

Or if you are really at the entry level, wanting to get in on the Electric Guitar hype without committing too much financially, you can't go past the classic Bullet Strat. Looks the part, easy to play, and a truly unbeatable price.


After all the heaviness, let's try again for a Friday Funny:

Did that help any? :D

Have a great week everyone, enjoy your ANZAC Day and we will see you next Friday!

Friday, April 13, 2018

The Power of Music to Keep You Warm At Night

Welcome to a new week! As a rolling stone gathers no moss (however you choose to take that!), we again have some exciting changes to announce around here: a new Team Member!

Sean, Johnny, Chris & Dave - The A Team

Chris has extensive knowledge and experience in Music, and is well known around Brisbane as being an awesome drummer in some pretty cool bands. So next time you're in the area, come on in and say hello!


And some more exciting news for our Interest section: we have heard again from Antarctica! And the guys are going great!

Dr Al And The Survivors, in their warm cabin - and outside!

Dr Al writes to Dave: "It was a brilliant decision forming the collaboration between Rhino Boxes and the Fender Rumble. Once again Dave I made the right decision in coming to you for help!" Dr Al and the Survivors sent us a bunch of awesome photos of life in Antarctica, including their toasty warm practice room. Can't wait to hear the awesome sounds coming from these guys!


Our Favourite Stock Items this week are our Ibanez Electric Guitars. And we have LOTS to choose from!

In this photo, the first thing that catches your eye is the bright yellow RG250M. This is your classic Ibanez Electric, delivering the sound, playability and gorgeous looks that Ibanez is known for.

The next Guitar that might catch your eye is the beautiful seafoam green JEM70 - the Steve Vai Signature model. If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for us!

If you want something that doesn't look so loud and lairy, how about this Prestige RG652K model? Blackwood top and basswood body, class in looks and sound.

We have lots more to choose from, so come down and take your time going through our range.


Enough talk! We want to laugh!

Did it work?

I'm not hearing laughing..?

Have a great week guys and we will catch you again next Friday, with some more cool news, interesting topics, great deals and a better Friday Funny ;)

Friday, April 6, 2018

Fire Up Those Brain Cells, it's Showtime!

Well we are all in the recovery stage from our awesome Easter weekend, and for some of us that means hitting the gym to burn off those extra calories. (Did someone tell you Easter Eggs had no calories? Who would do such a thing?).. well guess what parents, there is something that not only gives your kids an outlet for all their chocolate infused school holidays energy, but it involves our very favourite thing in the whole wide world: MUSIC!

This is a great program and runs over two days, next Monday & Tuesday. Immerse your kids in the joy of musical theatre and give them a new passion in life!  Only $60 each day, this is a great opportunity - call Jill on 0432 937 766 right now!


Back to our Brain series. We've already established that listening to music is good for your body and your brain, and that playing music is even better. But did you know that learning and playing music is one of the very few activities in life that utilise the entire brain? Let us show you how.

We all know that the brain has two hemispheres: the left and right, or logical and creative. The skills required to learn and master an instrument use the logic centres of the left brain, creating neural pathways to engage in the activity of reading the new language of music, and firing instructions to the parts of the body required to drive the instrument to create the sounds dictated by the music on the page. And listening to the beauty that is created by this activity fires up the emotional centres in the creative, or right, brain.

Finnish scientists have developed a new method that studies how the brain processes different aspects of music. The researchers used MRI technology to study the brains of people listening to music, to see how they processed such aspects as rhythm, tonality and timbre. They found that emotional, motor and creative parts of the brain are all engaged in the activity. The human brain, and body, is an amazing thing - and you can give yours the leg up by injecting some music into your day!


Our favourite stock items this week are our extensive range of Fender Electric Guitars.

From Strats to Teles to the Starcaster to this awesome Coronado, Fender make beautiful, high quality guitars and we have them right here!  This beautiful gold Chris Shifflet Tele is an affordable take on the classic 72 model, retaining the authentic Fender tone. We have the Sapphire Blue Deluxe Strat next to it, if you want some time-honoured Fender style and sound. Or if you really want the guitar that makes Fender so popular, try the American Vintage 65 Strat. We have all these and lots in between, so come down and try one out for yourself.


Speaking of guitarists, there's one thing we've always wanted to know..

Sounds legit ;)

Seriously though, we love guitarists and we love having you in our store, we love the riffs we hear on the daily and more than anything else, we love seeing how finding the perfect guitar lights up people's eyes, and dreaming about all the wonderful music they are going to make with it once they get it home. That's what we are here for. So if you would like to come down and look at our range of guitars, whether you are a beginner looking for a first instrument, or an experienced guitarist looking for a specific piece to use in your band, we are here for you - come in and say hello!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Dopamine, Philosophy and Flamenco ♫♪

Happy Easter! Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and stuffing yourself full of chocolate. Remember, on Easter Sunday, all chocolate magically becomes calorie-free. This is an immutable law of physics.

Also, it means that The Music Spot will be closed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday - but we will be back on Tuesday, and full of chocolatey energy!


Speaking of chocolatey energy, did you ever notice that when a song comes on that you really love, you seem to just feel all warm and fuzzy all of a sudden? That's a real thing - that's the dopamine being released by your brain in recognition of a sound that you love, and the anticipation of the peak of the song that your brain knows you will enjoy.

Recent studies show that the feel-good chemical released from the brain explains why music has always been so closely related to emotion. Music from your childhood can trigger happy feelings and memories, and listening to certain songs during certain times in your life can cause them to become associated in your mind. Music has always been a huge part of human history, and historical events always seem to have their own sound track - try to think of the flower power movement in the sixties without swaying away to The Byrds! So the next time you want to get in touch with your emotions, or you just feel like a little pick-me-up, try to remember what your favourite song was from your childhood, something that might remind you of happy times with your family, and chuck that up on Spotify. Sit back and smile!


Music that makes you smile has always, to me, involved a Classical Guitar. From Maria Von Trapp to Spanish Flamenco, this kind of music just relaxes the soul. This is one beautiful instrument with many possibilities. No wonder it's the go-to choice for beginning Guitar students!

Year after year young (and young-at-heart!) people wanting to begin the adventure of playing Guitar come into our store to grab a Valencia Guitar. While the majority later switch to steel-string acoustics, many do go on to study Classical Guitar music, and graduate to something like the Valencia 304 series or this beautiful Katoh. The possibilities are endless! We have many different styles of Classical Guitar instore, so come in and try one for yourself today!


I promised you better Friday Funnies, and the boys are refusing to help me, so I just have to do the best I can on my own:

I have no doubt you can do better than that, so please help out by emailing your music jokes in asap!! I'm drowning here!!


Have a great long weekend, stay safe on the roads, don't make yourselves too sick from the chocolate, and we will see you bright eyed and bushy tailed next week!