Friday, June 23, 2017

Fender: Past, Present and Future

The Next Generation of Classic Fender Guitars

Fender Guitars. We love 'em. Doesn't everybody? When Leo Fender built that custom lap steel guitar for Noel Boggs in 1946, he could not know how much he was about to change the world, and how, over 70 years later, Fender would still be the go-to name for electric instruments the world over.
Excited much, Johnny?

This week we packed Johnny off to the Fender conference in Sydney, and you can imagine his reaction.

But it's not all fun and games and window shopping, these were the newest, latest cutting edge designs from the powerhouse of six string music - this was a glimpse into the future of what tomorrow's guitar heros will be cutting their teeth on, polishing their chops, becoming obsessed with.

Impressive display, is it not?

Fender Conference Sydney 2017
The Music Spot has been an authorised Fender dealer from day one (which, as you'll all remember, was July 1st, 1993).
A very young Grant demonstrating some great Fenders at The Music Spot over 20 years ago
And our staff love them. They don't just sell you a guitar because they are sales people, they sell you the guitar that will fit your life and fill your purpose and enable you to fulfill yours. One of our longest serving staff members, Dave, has given us some insight into his relationship with Fender Guitars:
Dave has been with us for 10 years now

"The reason I love Fender guitars is simple. The wide variety of tones. I can cover almost all of the sonic territory I hear in my head with a strat  or a tele. They are classic body shape designs connecting me to a long lineage of guitar history. You feel you're a part of the rock and roll culture when you look the same as your heros. Most of them played strats!"

I asked Dave what his current three favourite guitars were.

"My favourite Telecaster is the American Standard with ash body in butterscotch with the black pickguard. Classic single coil tones, all bite in the bridge, nice and jazzy in the neck, and centre position is the superb rhythm sound."
American Standard Tele
"The copper Sparkle Roadhouse Stratocaster is a top shelf value instrument. Every bit as feature heavy as the USA built guitars. Noiseless pickups, shaved heel Clapton-esque preamp for mid range wind up." 
Roadhouse Strat in Copper Sparkle
"The new American Professional Stratocasters are the greatest example of what quality means to a company the size of Fender. Great colour options, over 60 years of getting it right and packed full of great tone."
American Professional series Strat in Sonic Grey
At The Music Spot you will always find a good selection of Fender guitars in Acoustic, Electric and Bass, as well as all the accompanying accessories. We have a good selection online, but to get the best experience come into our shop and put your hands on one of these beauties and feel the quality for yourself. 

And who knows, maybe you might see one of the next generation of guitar heros in the shop picking up their first strat. 

Maybe it might even be you.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Halfway Through June Already!

It's one of those years that's going to just fly right by, isn't it? Can you believe we are in the middle of June already??

That means a few things:

1. After next Wednesday, the days will start to get longer again (yay!)

2. Three more months of this freezing weather (not so yay)

3. More importantly, we are halfway through our 24th Birthday Sale already!

So that means there are still quite a few great bargains left, but some have already left the building (queue Elvis joke).

Our Bargain Bin table is looking a little depleted!

What's left in our Bargain Bins
But as some things go out the door, others arrive, and we are very excited about our new Casio Keyboards that came this week.  Check out the new MZW series keyboards in both Black and Blue...
New Casio MZW Keyboards
...and the new XW series synthesisers, with amazing new features. Imagine the sounds you could make with these babies!
New Casio XW Series Synthesisers

Other people have had an exciting week too: Remember our new friends, Tasman Guitars? Their website has just been launched, and you can get all the delicious info and photos and everything you could possibly want there (except the guitars themselves of course, that's where we come in!).
Tasman Guitars' new website, featuring Yours Truly!
By the way, have you joined us in our Facebook Group yet?? If you're not a goupy (groupie??) type Facebooker, you can always follow our Page, that's where the magic happens ;)

That about wraps us up for this Friday, so make sure you wrap yourself up well and brave the cold to come and see us. (Remember we are Queenslanders, so by cold we mean sometimes it gets down as low as 20°C!!)

Friday, June 9, 2017

Midyear Catalogues have Dropped!

Our End OF Financial Year Catalogues have finally dropped! If you didn't get one in the mailbox come and grab a copy in store at 129 Browns Plains Rd, Browns Plains Queensland.
Some of the great deals in our Midyear Catalogue Sale
We have TONS of cool items heavily reduced, like this Behringer Eurolive B115D Speaker for only $489, or this Ashton D20SCEQ Solid Top Acoustic Guitar, with a hard case for only $269. These prices are for a limited time only, so get in quick!

We are here!
Check the Specials tab on our website to get these deals from the comfort of your own home, or come down and say hello. Don't forget you can always drop in to our Facebook group and have a chat with us - show us what you're working on, plug your next gig or album, ask us anything! Don't be shy!

We are a friendly team here at The Music Spot, so give us a chance to help you with all your Music needs!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Birthday to Us!

The Music Spot is celebrating its 24th Birthday with a huge sale for the whole month of June!

It's par-tay time again! And we have LOTS to celebrate this year.

First of all, we have our new website launched, and the experience of online shopping has never been easier! We have heaps of Specials on there, as well as all the Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Band & Orchestral and Folk Instruments you could ever want, plus Print Music to help you in your musical education or to play along with. We also have Pro Audio gear for recording as well as live performance. For those who have children in the School Music Program, we have specially-made School Accessory Packs to give you everything you need at a great price, in one easy step.

Our new website

Needless to say, launching our new website was pretty exciting, so lots of cake went around the office yesterday! Do go check out our website and let us know what you think - we welcome any feedback!

So onto the next reason to celebrate - it's our 24th birthday!

This year's colour is GREEN for GO! So we have green balloons and all kinds of crazy things hanging everywhere. Not to mention CRAZY deals on stock - come along and have a look through our 50c, $2, $5 and $10 bins. There are guitars, amps, drum kits, keyboards, saxophones, flutes - you name it, we want it out the door and are going to great lengths to get them gone!

We have a selection of great products online in our Specials section, but for the big savings head into our Browns Plains Superstore at 129 Browns Plains Rd, Browns Plains QLD. Just a few doors up from Mr Toys Toyworld. Follow the green balloons!

(For a full list of the items we are discounting instore, click HERE)

This is going on for the whole month of June, so there will be lots more happening in the coming weeks!

Bargain Bins and Bargain Books, just a small selection of our Sale Stock!

Friday, May 26, 2017

You could be playing this Enrico Quarter Size Double Bass TODAY!

Here’s a shot of our Enrico ¼ size Laminated Student bass. It’s right ready to move to your home or school after having had some pre-delivery time in the String Tech workshop. 

We would like to share our thoughts on this great little bass in the hope you will understand why we stock and endorse the Enrico product. 

Firstly, the Enrico brand is aimed fair and square at the entry point student level so price is important, they are affordable. Supplied with bow [German or French frog optional] and a robust padded bag, the outfit is great value. Other noteworthy features include quality machine heads for accurate tuning and a bridge with height adjusting wheels which allow string height to be varied according to prevailing atmospheric conditions. The endpin assembly is heavy duty, deliberately fashioned to cope with those careless moments young players experience too often. But that’s not all…. 

Decades of experience at the importer level have seen Enrico basses evolve from very humble beginnings to the robust instruments we now use. How has this happened? 

Year by year, the product has been refined, re-working features which have proved unsuitable. Material thickness, so important for tonal projection, have been modified relevant to model size. A Solid Spruce Top version has been added. Varnish treatment has been updated after market feedback. Factory string selection has been reviewed and updated. Finally, and all importantly, packaging and freight handling have been re-worked to minimize damage during shipping. Losses due to careless freight treatment are now rare. 

With four models of violins/violas, two models of cellos and basses, Enrico has become the most accessible, affordable student stringed instrument range currently available in Australia. At The Music Spot, we support the best product in it’s class, That’s ENRICO

Friday, May 19, 2017

This week at The Music Spot: First in Australia to bring you Tasman Guitars!

What an honour! This week we became the FIRST retail store in Australia to bring you the amazing new Tasman Guitars.

Andy from Australis proudly handing over to Marian our new range of Tasman Guitars

They are so new, their website is still on it's way!

But we have eight of these beauties right here in our Browns Plains superstore, just waiting for you to come and try them out.

Tasman Guitars in store now at The Music Spot

From the Admiral series we have the TA300-E, which features solid Mahogany back and layered Mahogany sides, producing balanced warm tones, strong volume and good treble response.

The Captain series guitars are made with Rosewood back and sides for louder volume and bass response - the perfect range for acoustic performers. We have several to choose from, including the TA200GS-CE, the TA200O-E and the TA200-E.

But Tasman also produce a genuine workhorse range, the Seeker series, built for performance and dependability. Featuring Sapele back and sides for a rich and warm sound and clear treble tones, we have the TA100, TA100-CE and two Parlour size guitars, the TA100P and TA100P-E.

Did we mention that all Tasman guitars come with a premium hard case to protect your new guitar?

The Tasman Guitar Co. is dedicated to the pursuit of innovation and excellence in guitar making, for serious and pro players who want a unique voice through a unique guitar. The instruments they produce reflect this dedication and innovation, and they are determined to provide our customers with the best experience, from the first moment they decide to look for a new guitar.

Tasman Guitars. The journey begins now.

From their Facebook page to their Instagram, these guitars are about to hit Australia in a big way, and guitar playing will never be the same again. You can follow this exciting journey by following The Music Spot on Facebook or Instagram, or visiting us instore to try them for yourself.

129 Browns Plains Rd, Browns Plains QLD

Friday, May 12, 2017

We gave the Drummer the Key to the Door, and other stories

What a week it's been at The Music Spot!

First up on Monday we celebrated Chris turning 21, and YES there was cake!

Happy Birthday Chris!
We had (as always!) a few floor layout reshuffles, and redesigned our Acoustic area. I personally think it looks great - check out our multi-layered approach: 

Three levels of Acoustic Guitars - lots to choose from! 

In other departments, Johnny was excited to report that we now have the Yamaha PSRS970 back in stock - this is a special instrument so be sure to come have a play for yourself.

A few more things came in, a few more things went out, and life goes on. If you haven't been to our superstore in Browns Plains, Queensland then you are definitely missing out!